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Genuine Leather Shoes

In Casual and Dress Styles

Tailoring + Tailoring

Tailoring is about both the fit and the personalization when styling your look with finishing touches.

Sounds cliche, but your style really is unique to you. We have guys who like conservative navy suits, and guys who like bright colored suits, or loud patterns.

There are a lot of ways to add subtle (or not-so-subtle) extras to really love what you're wearing.

In Store

Shop in store for the best Freeman experience! Try on items, check things out in real life, and get measured/pinned for tailoring options.


Questions and Answers

  • Do you provide alterations on items not purchased from Freeman Clothing?

    Unfortunately we do not. We strive to provide the best quality and most timely tailoring service in Rexburg. In order to ensure we meet this standard we only accept alterations from clothing purchased in our store.

  • What alterations do you offer?

    We offer a variety of alterations on the products purchased in-store. Available alterations include:

    Hemming pants

    Tapering pants

    Waist adjustments (in or out)

    Tapering jackets

    Shortening jacket sleeves

    Tapering jacket sleeves

    Tapering dress shirts

  • What is the price range on your suits?

    Our suit prices primarily range from $230 to $430 depending on what you get. There are a couple styles that are more expensive, but the average item price we generally see people select is between $230-$250.