Bow Tie 101

One common question we get asked is “when should you wear a bow tie?” In short, the answer is, “Anytime”. Wearing a bow tie is more of a niche art then putting on a standard necktie and must be taken seriously. If you are the type of person who wants to wear a bow tie you must first be someone who is willing to learn how to tie one.

To learn how to tie a bowtie check this video.

The Main Differences

If you want a formal outfit with personality then a bow tie is the way to go. That being said, there are many reasons to keep sporting your traditional necktie. For example, they can make you look taller and showcase your personality.

Over the past couple of years, bow ties have started to become more trendy. What was once dismissed as only for clowns and comedians has now become more. 
Bow ties come in three different forms which are:


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The classic type of bow tie is the self-tie, also known as the freestyle bow tie. The self-tie means that it comes untied and you tie it yourself. The organic look that the self-tie can give you can be challenging the first few times you try to tie it. But in the end, all your effort will pay off.


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This bow tie is attached to an adjustable neck strap and comes with a pre-tied bow. Making it easy to size and be worn in a matter of seconds. A disadvantage of a pre-tied bow tie is that it can look stiff and almost too perfect. We recommend the pre-tied for someone just starting out.


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Last but not least, we have the clip-on bow tie. It has a pre-tied bow with a metal clasp on the back that hooks directly onto the collar of a shirt. We recommend these for young children or infants.

What Should You Wear?

Here are the five different bow tie shapes:

The Butterfly

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The first shape is the butterfly, also known as the thistle. This is the style that most people are familiar with. On average it is around 2.3 inches in height and fits most face shapes. It is a great starting point for those who are venturing into the world of bow ties.

The Big Butterfly

The big butterfly has a larger and more relaxed silhouette. It is sometimes worn for very formal events with a tuxedo. They are three inches or greater in height and recommended for those don’t mind looking a bit cheeky.

The Batwing

Photo Credit: All Tied Up in Knots

The batwing shape is also known as a straight or slim bow tie. When untied, this tie looks like a long rectangle strip with flat ends. Batwing bow ties are the smallest in height at less than two inches and provide a clean and modern look.

The Diamond Point

Photo Credit: Wearing Strips and Plaid

Instead of having a flat end, the edges are pointed to give it a diamond shape. When tied, this style has an asymmetric look and adds more personality to the self-tie bow tie.

The Club Round

The rarest of the bunch is the rounded club bow tie. As its name suggests, the ends are rounded instead of flat. This style is not for the shy as it is very unique. 

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