Help Your Groomsmen Stay Trendy for the Big Day

It’s February, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Proposals are being planned and wedding dates are about to be set. Wedding season is going to be here before we know it. While everyone is talking about what the bride and bridesmaids will be wearing, the groomsmen can get lost in all the planning.

Here are six distinctive ways to help your groomsmen look trendy in 2017:

1 Walking in Style

While shoes and socks may seem like such a small detail the fact is nowadays men take them very seriously. Gone are the days of groomsmen wearing plain black shoes with black socks. They are now choosing styles that reflect their own tastes and personalities. With different options including wingtips, oxfords, argyle, striped, and polka dot, why wouldn’t you want to spice up your footwear?

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Not to mention that unique socks are a fun groomsmen gift.

2 Mismatched

In 2016 we saw a lot of bridesmaids mismatching, now it’s the groomsmen’s turn. Having the groomsmen mismatch can and will help them stand out more in the wedding party. In addition to helping the groom himself look more original. Allowing your groomsmen to mismatch will add a personalized touch to who you are as a couple. However, it is important to remember to stay within the same color grade when dealing with this approach. Too much of a mismatched feeling can leave your groomsmen looking sloppy.

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3 Pattern Pals

Patterns are trending and couples aren’t afraid to mix them in with their wedding design. Playing with patterns and colors of your groomsmen’s attire can add a dapper feeling to the big day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bold necktie or floral pocket square, there is no rule saying you can’t go all out.

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4 Untraditional

The bride stands out in her white dress, so why shouldn’t the groom stand out in his suit or tux? Having your groomsmen wear solid colors gives you that bohemian style everyone is trying to achieve. Just because your wedding is traditional doesn’t mean that you have to be.

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5 Ties Vs. Bow Ties

With wedding season coming around the corner soon, one debate remains constant. Should the men wear ties or bow ties? While you may be considering a long tie because vertical lines help you look thinner, the bow tie is going to emphasize your groomsmen’s manly physique and bring an illusion that draws attention to the wearer’s face. A long tie dissects the formal “V’ into smaller more obscure sections, directing attention away from the face and instead towards the naval.

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6 Casual Chic

When planning for your wedding and looking to throw a casual bash, a jean suit is perfect for the occasion. Adding dark jeans to your groomsmen’s suits adds texture to photos. Not to mention it keeps your party warmer when dealing with outdoor ceremonies.

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