Tie Care: A Complete Guide to Keeping Your Tie in Mint Condition

The right necktie can elevate any look and bring your whole outfit together. It can make it easier to mix and match your ties with different shirts and suits and give you the right touch of professionalism. Yet, a unkept tie can make you look sloppy, no matter how formal the rest of you may look. Neckties can become worn and tattered, so taking proper care of them will help them last a lot longer.
There is a lot of speculation on the internet about the best ways to care for your neckties. We’ve pulled together a list of everything you need to know about keeping your ties longer and keeping you looking sharper.

Untying Your Tie

You just got off work and the first thing you want to do is sit down, relax, and get your tie off as soon as possible. But what if I told you that taking that extra minute to remove your tie properly can make all the difference?


First things first; when starting to take off your necktie, do NOT pull the thin end of your tie through the knot. While this may be the easiest and fastest way, you are running the risk of ruining the shape of your tie in the process.
Also leaving the knot in your tie when not being used can create a permanent crease. This will leave it looking disheveled and limp. Instead, if you want it to last, remove it by following the tie-tying steps in reverse.

Storing Your Tie

As you know, ties are delicate and disfigure easily, making them impressionable. Once you are finished properly removing your tie, hang it immediately to let the crease fall out. Fight the urge to roll them up, stuffing them in a drawer or laying them over a chair. Over time, draping your ties on a rack or hanger will help keep its form and reduce wrinkles.

Packing Your Ties

When traveling with ties, make sure to pack them by rolling and not folding them. Roll them by starting with the small end first and individually bagging them, you can bag them in Ziploc bags for example. Then place them in packed shoes so that they will remain safe and sound for your entire journey.

If you arrive at your destination and your ties end up getting wrinkled, hang them in your bathroom while running a hot shower or steam, and let gravity do the rest of the work.

Cleaning Your Ties

A small stain can go a long way on a tie. Unlike regular clothing, the best way to clean a tie is when they’re dirty rather than after each wear. If you are careful and attentive to the kind of fabric it is made of, everything should run smoothly.
Some websites will tell you that certain neckties can be machine washed and dried. We have found that the more careful you are the better looking your ties will be.

All ties can and should be hand washed or dry cleaned, depending on the fabric and material. Here is a short list of tips we have found that work best when it comes down to washing:


When you wash your silk neckties, make sure to dry clean only. Ask the dry cleaner to hand-press the tie so that the rounded edges will stay maintained. If your tie ends up getting wet, hang it up to dry. Making sure to not wring or twist, for this will cause it to become misshapen.


Only dry clean your wool ties when it is absolutely necessary. Stay away from the use of hot water. In the event that your wool necktie does get wet, hang it up to dry. Do not use a machine dryer or iron, and steam wrinkles out only when necessary. Once cleaning is done, do not store in plastic or in sunlight. This will cause the wool to fade and crease.


Linen ties need to be hand washed gently in cold or warm water. Press out any excessive water with a towel or you can use an iron on the steam setting when damp. Do not wring or twist to remove water. Hang up to dry.



Hand wash gently in cold or warm water. Press out any excessive water with a towel or iron on steam setting. Do not wring or twist to remove water. Hang up to dry.



Seersucker needs to be hand washed carefully in cold water. When pressing out excessive water with a towel, do not wring or twist to remove water. Hang up to dry.



Hand wash gently in cold water. Then press out excessive water with a towel or steam if necessary. Do not wring or twist to remove water. Reshape and lay flat to dry. Hanging will cause the necktie to stretch out.



Microfiber ties must be hand-washed in warm water. Press out any excess water with a towel or iron and steam on a low setting. Do not wring or twist to remove water. Hang up to dry.



Polyester can be washed in either cold or warm water and is best when steamed or when using an iron on a low or medium setting. Make sure there are no stains in the tie before you iron, as the heat of the iron can set the stain.


Real/Faux Leather

When washing Real/Faux Leather necktie, wipe it clean with baby wipes. Do not submerge in water or dry clean. After your necktie is wiped down, hang up to dry.


Your Tie Care

When ties are properly cared for they can last a lifetime. Following these steps while taking the necessary precautions will help you and your ties to look good for years to come.

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